I did a total of 20 illustrations for Tanya Llyod Kai's non-fiction kids' book Extreme Battlefields (Annick Press, April 2016)

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces from the book.
I knew that for this book I would want to depict everything in a more representational way, especially since I wanted the illustrations to be historically, and culturally accurate. That way I was able to play with a looser pencil line, and be a bit more liberal with the colour scheme.

I wanted the illustrations to have a vintage book feel, like a kid's encyclopedia from the 60s. So I used a muted colour pallete of yellow-orange, steely blue, and a light red and layered them all on top of each other like they were processed using CMYK in an old comic book. This gave me those awesome khaki green, and purple browns that round out the primaries. I then used a cream tint to overlay on top of everything giving it a vintage paper feel.


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